Author: Alexander Meves

Electric Skateboard

Electric Skateboard by Tomy Muci Tomy came in with  a long board, a bunch of electrical and mechanical components bought online, and a spirit to make something.  As one of the first projects completed in the space, it was certainly a grand challenge for the Creative and Technical Specialists here!  Luckily, Tomy made it easy […]

Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners by DaBL Team The fidget spinner is a great little toy to introduce key concepts of 3D modelling and manufacturing.  In the Design and Build Lab, we use it as a beginner project for members wishing to learn how to use our 3D printers.  We like to walk through every step of the […]

Mosquito Aspirator

Motorized Mosquito Aspirator by Brendan Riske The objective of this project was to create a machine that would suck adult mosquitoes and capture them.   This is known as a mosquito aspirator and there are versions available online to purchase, however they are usually upwards of of $300.   Because the device is essentially a fan with […]

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