Astrolabe By Michael Robinson Professor Michael Robinson came into the lab with the idea to make an Astrolabe. This is a medival device used to tell time similar to how a sundial uses the sun to tell time. The majority of materials for this build were fabricated on the laser cutter. Professor Robinson used a custom […]

Rush Hour

Rush Hour By Joseph Minnich Do you remember that classic sliding block traffic game? Here it is in laser cut form! This was custom created using 2D vector graphic software and fabricated out of acrylic pieces. All car pieces were then glued together. Cards were laser cut out of standard card stock. You can re-construct […]

Electric Skateboard

Electric Skateboard by Tomy Muci Tomy came in with  a long board, a bunch of electrical and mechanical components bought online, and a spirit to make something.  As one of the first projects completed in the space, it was certainly a grand challenge for the Creative and Technical Specialists here!  Luckily, Tomy made it easy […]

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