Electric Skateboard

by Tomy Muci

Tomy came in with  a long board, a bunch of electrical and mechanical components bought online, and a spirit to make something.  As one of the first projects completed in the space, it was certainly a grand challenge for the Creative and Technical Specialists here!  Luckily, Tomy made it easy for us by coming prepared with a wide range of helpful information (instructions, videos, and technical sheets) as well as already having most of the parts.  We used a variety of hand tools to help him build his speed demon - and a lot of tape to keep the battery compartment stuck to the board!  Unfortunately, Tomy came in so early in our development as a space that we didn't even have a website then!  We certainly should have took pictures, but luckily Tomy agreed to take some when he came back in to have a few parts tightened and adjusted.  This is just one of the many examples of projects in the space that demonstrate how we cater to all preparation levels! 

Skateboard Battery and Truck with Tomy's Hand
Close Up of Motors
Close Up on Cables
Tomy Tightening Trucks

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