Astrolabe By Michael Robinson Professor Michael Robinson came into the lab with the idea to make an Astrolabe. This is
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Two individuals using the custom game counter
Game Point Counter
Game Point Counter By James Deromedi James had a need to easily keep track of points when playing board games
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Custom Coasters
Custom Coasters With the introduction of the ULS PLS Laser Cutter to our repertoire of tools, we are able to
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Pieces of Rush Hour game
Rush Hour
Rush Hour By Joseph Minnich Do you remember that classic sliding block traffic game? Here it is in laser cut
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Container for rat project
Neuroscience Rat Floor
Neuroscience Rat Floor By Josh Wilson This rat floor was made by Josh Wilson. Over the summer of 2019, Josh
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Students with carved pumpkins
Pumpkins and Powertools 2019
Pumpkins and Powertools 2019 Hosted by DaBL This marks the first year that DaBL has hosted a halloween themed event
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Ceiling mounted extension cord
Ceiling Power Brackets
Ceiling Power Brackets by Design and Build Lab Team When we first started out in this space, we would rearrange
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Student and aperture
Cardboard Aperture
Cardboard Aperture Opening by Bex Warner Bex was in the Design and Build Lab one day and decided to do
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