Sewing close up
Sewing Greek Fraternity Letters
Sewing Greek Fraternity Letters by Alex Meves Alex is a member of Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service fraternity on
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Member with electronic skateboard
Electric Skateboard
Electric Skateboard by Tomy Muci Tomy came in with  a long board, a bunch of electrical and mechanical components bought
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Hamilton Bag
Hamilton Bag by Abbie Callahan Abbie was determined to give a good gift to a friend obsessed with Hamilton.  She
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Breakfast Tray
Breakfast Tray by Alex Meves Alex made this breakfast tray in two days using just stuff around the lab!  It
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Fidget Spinners
Fidget Spinners by DaBL Team The fidget spinner is a great little toy to introduce key concepts of 3D modelling
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Mosquito Aspirator
Motorized Mosquito Aspirator by Brendan Riske The objective of this project was to create a machine that would suck adult
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3D Cube Puzzle
3D Cube Puzzle by Donna Deitz Professor Deitz designed a 3D cube in a program she had known outside of
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Home Welcome Sticker
Home Welcome Sticker by Yon Garber Yon has been one of the most productive members of the space since it
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