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This is the desktop icon for Cura, which can be found in the toolbar.

Ultimaker CURA (CAM)

Please note that this page is currently a work in progress. We'll be filling it out further in the coming weeks.

Ultimaker CURA is the software we use to translate 3D models made with Fusion360 (software) into instructions that the 3D printers are able to read and turn into a model. CURA fulfills a step in the Computer-aided manufacturing process, and will need to be used to interface with the printers as part of the Workshop: Introduction to 3D printing with the Prusa I3 MK3S 3D Printer.

Using CURA

While you would be able to download Cura onto your own computer, you can use this software at DaBL on the computer labeled NEKHBET at the back of the lab. Once you have taken the 3D printing workshop, you should be able to access this computer using your AU ID card.