GCC Jaguar VLX vinyl cutter

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"Vinyl cutter"

(If you would like to become certified on this machine, attend an Introduction to vector cutting with the GCC Jaguar VLX Vinyl Cutter workshop!)

The GCC Jaguar VLX vinyl cutter is a 2D subtractive manufacturing machine.

Put simply, the vinyl cutter is a computer-numeric-controlled (CNC) blade. It’s capable of making many exact cuts into a sheet of vinyl very rapidly. This makes the vinyl cutter most useful for cutting designs into vinyl stickers and heat transfers.


The CAM software used with the Jaguar is called GreatCut4. There are material profiles within which you should heed when you are cutting different materials.

Default Material Cutting Settings

Material (profile) Blade Pressure (g) Speed (cm/s)
Adhesive Back, Standard Red (45º) 40 90
Heat Transfer, Standard Red (45º) 40 90
Heat Transfer, Sparkle Red (45º) 80 70
Heat Transfer, Felt See a CaTS for further guidance 60 50


To learn how to use Inkscape to design items to cut, see Introduction to 2D CAD (with Inkscape). Inkscape is a free and open-source software similar to illustrator. You can also google "[My Design] svg" to try and get a design for your needs. The svg, or Scalable Vector Graphic is an XML-based vector image format for two-dimensional graphics. SVG files are needed to use on the vinyl cutter.