Activity: Make a Paper Circuit!

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The purpose of this workshop is to introduce people to the basics of electronics and how current flow through wires


  1. paper
  2. scissors
  3. copper tape
  4. makers
  5. 3v battery
  6. LED
  7. imagination

Making a circuit

In this workshop you will be making a simple circuit. A circuit being a path in which electrons from a voltage source flow, in this case it will be a 3V battery. To begin, take a piece of paper and fold it in half , on the inside portion of your paper you are going to place the pins of your LED and push the light emitting part of the LED through the paper so that is shows on the other side. Use the copper tape to tape down each pin of the LED onto the paper, then continue using the tape to extend the connection of each pin through the paper but don't let the tape form one pin connect to the tape of the other pin. As you're taping place the 3V battery somewhere on the same side as the LED pins and connect it with the tape to one of the pins. Once you've taped all of it down you should have left yourself a little space to complete the circuit. on the other side of the inside portion of your paper put a piece of copper tape there so that when you press both pages the circuit will be completed and the LED will light up.