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This knowledge base serves as a repository for all of the necessary information to understand and use the many machines and tools in the lab. As DaBL is a space for individuals to prototype their designs, the space itself, as well as all of its resources, are also prototypes and therefore they are constantly changing and evolving. DaBL's setup may change from week to week; stop by to see what's new!
== Getting Started ==
* Attend a [[Welcome to the Lab]] session to become a member and go over safety information.* Ensure that you are familiar with all rules and [[Safety in DaBL]].* Check out our [ calendar] for Open Hours to come learn and create.
== Learning Resources. ==
# [[Creative and Technical Specialist|'''Creative and Technical Specialists''']] (CaTS), the student employees who help you realize your ideas and provide support with all things DaBL.# [[List of Workshops]], that provide guided sessions to learn a design topic or manufacturing process.
== More Information ==
* Frequently asked questions ([[FAQs]])

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