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When is the lab open?
==Project Questions==
===What prior knowledge do I need to start a project?===
Nothing - all we require is enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. By attending [[List of workshopsWorkshops|workshops]] and seeking guidance from [[Creative and Technical Specialist|student specialists]] your imagination is the limit in this space.
===What if I don't know how to use a particular tool?===
Nope! the Design and Build Lab is an educational space: it is our goal to teach you the skills necessary to design and build, as well as provide a helping hand, rather than build for you.
=== While I work on my project, can I store it in DaBL? ===
DaBL does have limited member project storage space, so: it depends on the size. If all your parts will fit in a shoebox, then yes. If it's larger, we unfortunately won't have space for you.
=== Can I order parts for my project and have them shipped to DaBL? ===
No. We are not a mailroom, and we don't have the staffing or the physical space to be one! You'll have to ship them to yourself and then bring them to DaBL.
==Other Frequently Asked Questions==

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