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== Welcome to the Design and Build Lab's Knowledgebase! ==
[ The Design and Build Lab] - also known as DaBL - is a digital fabrication / rapid prototyping / experimentation facility located in the new Don Myers Technology and Innovation Building. Its purpose is to inspire and empower and inspire students, staff, and faculty to ''create things to solve problems''. There is a [[Creative and Technical Specialist|team of students]] ready to help you realize your idea!
== How do I become a member? ==
## '''Tutorials''', which give you an introduction to [[Computer-aided design|CAD]] principles
## '''Certifications''', which are an introduction to [[Computer-aided manufacturing|CAM]] principles as well as safety training on a particular machine.
# ''[ This knowledgebase''], which is a repository of all things Design and Build. == Safety ==All general knowledge about safety can be found on the [[Safety in DaBL]] page.
== Knowledgebase resources ==

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