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List of activities

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Generally, these workshops are offered at least once a week on a rotating basis. Check the [ Lab calendar] for up-to-date availability!
=== Tutorials ===
These workshops focus on design principles, and are effectively a training in [[Computer-aided_design|Computer-Aided Design]]. Upon successful completion of a Tutorial, you will be able to begin digitally design objects.
 * [[Introduction to 2D CAD (with Inkscape)]]* [[Introduction to 3D CAD (with Fusion 360)]]* [[Intermediate 3D CAD (with Blender)]]* [[Advanced 3D CAD (with Inventor)]]* [[Introduction to circuit design (with EAGLE)]]* [[Introduction to electronics]]* [[Introduction to version control]]* [[Introduction to programming (with Python)]]
*[[Introduction to Fabric Design]]
=== Certifications ===
These workshops focus on fabrication principles, and are effectively a training in [[Computer-aided_manufacturing|Computer-Aided Manufacturing]]. Upon successful completion of a Certification, you will be authorized to operate the equipment without supervision.
* [[Introduction to milling with the Bantam Tools PCB Mill]]* [[Introduction to 2D vector cutting with the GCC Jaguar VLX Vinyl Cutter]]* [[Introduction to 2D laser cutting with the Universal PLS4.75 Laser Cutter]]* [[Introduction to 3D printing with the Type A Series 1 Pro Printer]]* [[Introduction to Microcontrollers with Arduino]]* [[Intermediate 3D printing with the Stratasys uPrint SE Plus]]* [[Intermediate Fabric Design with Sewing Machine]]* [[Advanced 3D printing with Formlabs Form One Printer]]
=== Activities ===
These workshops are short, "do-a-thing" exercises where you will learn a small subset of one of the other Workshops. They can be thought of as a taste of some of the more involved Workshops.
* [[Learn how to Solder!]]

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