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Becoming a member is easy. There are only two steps:
# Attend an in-person [[Welcome to the Lab]] session, where you will go over the [[Safety in DaBL]].# Complete and submit a '''Safety Waiver'''. Everyone (faculty, staff, and students alike) staying in DaBL for more than a tour ''must'' sign a Safety Waiver; you will be given one during the Welcome to the Lab session.
===When is the lab open?===
All workshops are scheduled on [ our calendar].
== Opportunities ==
===What equipment is available to me?===
*Hot wire foam cutter
=== What kinds of materials are available to me? ===
DaBL is stocked with:
* PLA 3D printer filament* Small electronics parts (wires, resistors, capacitors, transistors, microcontrollers, solder, et al.)* Heat-transfer and adhesive-back vinyl* FR1 printed circuit board material* Acetyl blocks* Extruded polystyrene and foam sheets* 18"x24" Cast acrylic sheets* White muslin fabric and thread* Adhesives (tape, epoxy, glues, et al.)* Balsa wood blocks
===How much do materials cost?===
Nothing, all we require is enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. By attending [ workshops] and seeking guidance from [ student specialists] your imagination is the limit in this space.
=== What if I don't know how to use a particular tool? ===
You can always ask for help from one of the [[Creative and Technical Specialist|student specialists]] in the space. We can help you use the equipment.
==Other Frequently Asked Questions==
Nope! the Design and Build Lab is an educational space: it is our goal to teach you the skills necessary to design and build, as well as provide a helping hand, rather than build for you.
=== Can I run my business out of DaBL? ===Yes No, you are encouraged to work on prototypes within the space, however, using the space for personal for-profit gains and nomass production is not what the space is for. You are welcome to
=== I have another question that isn't answered here. How do I get a hold of you to ask? ===
[ Send us an email]!

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