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ULS PLS4.75 Laser Cutter

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The '''Universal Laser Systems PLS4.75''' is a 2D [[Manufacturing techniques#Subtractive manufacturing|subtractive manufacturing]] laser cutter machine. A '''laser cutter''' uses a focused, high power column of photons cut stock with extreme quality and precision. Due to its large bed size, the laser cutter is most useful for project where you need either a very precise subtractive process or need to cut stock that is too large for our other subtractive devices, like the [[Bantam Tools PCB Mill|Bantam Tools PCB Mill]].
-The first step is to turn the fan on, turn the dial somewhere between noon and 3. Then hit the power button located on the right, back side of the machine. <br />
-The laser is homed at the top right, but you will find, (0,0) coordinates at the top left. Align material, making sure it is at the top left corner. <br />
-Scraps are kept below the machine, and new sheets are located under the 3d printers. Please do not be wasteful. <br />
-Pull up CAD software (computer aided design) Inkscape if you want to create the design and Corel Draw for uploading and printing the design. <br />
-After creating design in Inkscape, import it as a pdf to Corel Draw (import text as curves). <br />
-Make sure all the colors are in RGB. Red cuts through, blue traces, and black rasters. <br />
-Do a file print to pls 4.75. <br />
-Open file in UDP (Corel Draw works in tandem with UDP). <br />
-Now position your creation. Use the pointer icon and click on a place on the grid, which will move the laser to that location. <br />
-Then, click the position button, which is to the right of the pointer icon, and use that tool to click on a corner of your creation. <br />
-Next, look for the 'to pointer' icon below pointer icon. This will bring the creation to the starting position you've picked for the laser. <br />
-Open the settings. <br />
-Make sure you have the right material selected. Then use calipers to measure the density of the material. Enter that measurement in mm below of the type of materials. Click apply and then click ok. <br />
-Click play button. Watch print. If fire occurs use fire be gone spray (yellow bottle) or fire extinguisher, and pause the machine from the front or pop the hood and the print will stop. <br />
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