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Workshop: Introduction to programming (with Python)

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##To iterate over a list - Will run the code block once for each element in a list. You can reference the element data during each iteration by putting an element name after "for". Example of this syntax can be seen below: '''for''' element '''in''' list''':''' '''''*code to repeat*''''' <br />
##To iterate a certain number of times - Use Python's range function to repeat the code block a certain number of times. The syntax for range is: range (start, stop[, step]). Just like in the other type of for loop, you can reference each element of the range function but naming it. The syntax for this for loop goes: '''for ('''element '''in range('''start, stop[, step]''')):''' '''''*code to repeat*''''' <br />
#'''Nested Loops''' - Loops can be nested inside of each other!For each iteration of the outer loop, the entire contents of the loop will be ran to completion (including other nested loops). #'''Breaks and Continues''' - "Break" and "continue" are statements which can be placed inside of a loop to modify the loop for special cases. Break is used to break out of (or exit) a loop. Continue is used to stop the current iteration of the loop and start again from the beginning. [[File:Break Flowchart.jpg|frameless]][[File:Continue Flow Chart.jpg|frameless]]
==Other Educational Resources for Python==

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