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Workshop: Introduction to 3D CAD (with Fusion 360)

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[[File:Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 5.09.39 PM.png|thumb|sketch icon in fusion 360]]
*[| Learning Fusion 360 in 60 Minutes]
<br />==ChecklistWorkshop checklist=====Learning Objectives===By the end of this Workshop, you should: #know that CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design.#understand the 3-dimensional CAD process, from conception to export.#be able to explain what parametricity means in the context of CAD.#understand dimensions and constraints, and how they contribute to an object.#know the difference between fillets and chamfers. ===Measurable Outcomes===By the end of this Workshop, you should be able to:
#be able to create linesa sketch with 2-dimensional features.#be able constrain features of a 2-dimensional sketch to create circleseach other.#be able to create offsets#be able to create inscribed polygons#be able use construction lines to relate features to use the constraints (coincidence, perpendicular, and parallel if you want to)each other.#be able to create a construction line3-dimensional body from a 2-dimensional sketch.#be able to use modify an existing 3-point arc's#be able to use circular pattern#design the spinner around ball bearing and hexagonal nuts#be able to extrude#be able to fillet and or chamferdimensional body.

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