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Computer-aided design

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In addition to software, there are some hardware devices that can be purchased to assist users in design, such as graphic tablets. These devices emphasize the artistic aspect of design and are not necessary for the CAD that is usually used in the Design and Build Lab. However, users of the space are more than welcome to bring their own.
== Types of CAD ==
2D CAD is the process of specifying lines points or shapes on a surface plane for which to create a sketch. These sketches can be used to model anything from architectural plans to simple coasters. Generally, one starts with drawing space of a specific dimension and continues to add to this plane. Some may offer a scale that will translate the drawing to a physical piece of paper which is necessary for things such as architectural plans which cannot be printed to original size. General vector graphics software can be used to create the necessary drawing for a CAM process such as laser cutting.
====Parametric CAD====
This type of modeling relies on defining features (, called '''parameters,''') that build upon each other to create an object. For example, a 4x4mm square is defined by the parameters of length and width. If we add a third parameter for height of 4mm, we get a 4mm cube. An important note about parametric modeling is that it can be modified. If we go back and modify the length and width to be 5mm and 6mm respectively, our cube becomes a 5x6x4mm rectangle. The parameters can be created and deleted by the user and serve to constrain certain aspects of the design.
====Non-parametric CAD====
*[ Solid modeling] on Wikipedia
== References ==

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