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AutoCAD is a 2-dimensional (2D) computer-aided design (CAD) program. It is a commercial software produced by Autodesk that was created primarily for drafting purposes in technical drawings but has a wide range of uses.

Preliminary notes to be formatted later

AutoCAD uses the dwg file type extension similar to the way Microsoft Word uses the doc.

Download should be free with educational license? That is how I downloaded it at least.

[Add image of icon]

Realistically, this looks a lot like fusion 360. 1 difference is that we are saving files locally rather than that cloud based system that fusion has.

The application menu in the top left panel with the AutoCAD logo opens up the menu for opening files, saving files, printing files, etc. Additionally, you can search commands within the search box.

The horizontal bar at the top of the program is called the ribbon. Similar to Microsoft Office products, it contains different tabs that house many of the various settings within the program.

The status bar is located at the bottom. It allows you to toggle things such as the work grid and snapping. Dynamic input is a useful tool to have toggled to the on position; it allows you to type commands that appear near your cursor. The dynamic input functions as an improved version of the command line.

Osnap (object snap) Otrack (object track). Running object snaps. There are different ones.