Computer-aided manufacturing

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Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) is the process of using software to translate your model (which you created with Computer-aided design) into a version the target machine can understand. Effectively, we write instructions that a machine can understand to fabricate your design. Some CAM software also function as machine control. That is, certain software can be used to generate instructions from a design in addition to moving machine parts and modifying settings.

List of CAM software

Certain machines require very specific software while other machines allow for a variety of software when creating instructions. CAM software used in DaBL include:

Type Machine Software
2D ULS PLS4.75 Laser Cutter Universal Control Panel
2D GCC Jaguar VLX Vinyl Cutter GreatCut4
3D Bantam Tools PCB Mill Bantam Tools Software
3D Type A Series 1 Pro 3D printer Ultimaker Cura
3D Prusa I3 MK3S 3D Printer Ultimaker Cura / PrusaSlicer
3D Formlabs Form1+ Resin 3D Printer PreForm