Workshop: Introduction to 2D laser cutting with the Universal PLS4.75 Laser Cutter

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(Generally, this workshop will be offered at least once a week on a rotating basis. Check the Lab calendar for up-to-date availability!)

The PLS4.75 has finally arrived. However, we are still waiting for planning and project management to install the exhaust system. What this means is that we are unable to use the device until further notice.

Please check back for updates!

Start of Workshop (first draft) below:

Typical Workflow

Typical workflow

  1. Load the stock
  2. Focus the laser
  3. Cut!

Loading Stock

How your stock should be aligned

Position the material snuggly against the rulers. Your stock should be aligned to the top left corner of the device.

Focusing the Laser

focus button
The focus button

Once you have positioned the material, you will need to focus the laser system by adjusting the Z axis up or down until the top surface of the material is at the focal plane of the lens installed in the laser system. This can be done in a few different ways.

The most straight forward approach is to auto focus. Holding the Focus button for one second or more will initiate the Auto Focus routine which will automatically lower the table and then raise the table until the auto-focus sensor in the machine has located the top surface of the material. Auto focusing is complete once the table stops moving.

Taping the focus button puts the device in manual focusing mode. The best practice is to measure the width of the stock with calipers. Then, manually change the Z axis up and down to match the thickness you just measured with the calipers.

Start the Cut

The start button

Start the laser job by pressing the start button on the control panel or in the UCP. And... your off!