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Blender is an open sourced 3D CAD software.

As an additional tip, the use of this software is found by many to be easier with a mouse


Download for the program can be found on their website here.

Software directions?

Remove excess panels

It is often the case that you may create new panels or windows to offer alternative views or gain access to more controls at once. To remove these unneeded windows, locate the tab for the window you want to keep in the top right (if you mouse over the tab a plus sign should appear). Left click and drag the tab over the window you want to remove. You should see an arrow and the window should become darkened. If this is true, release your mouse click and the window should disappear.

Add an image

In the Header, select Add, Empty, Image to place a bounding box in which the image will be placed. Next, with the box still selected, navigate to the Object data (it looks like an image icon) and select this option. Under this panel, select the Open image option and navigate to the file you would like to display. The image should then populate in the bounding box.