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DaBL's Creative and Technical Specialists (CaTS) are designers, builders, tinkerers, and experimenters. The CaTS staff are comprised of undergraduate American University students from various majors and backgrounds. They undergo a year long volunteered training process in order to be proficient on almost all machines and techniques in the space. When you are working in DaBL, CaTS can help you with things as varied as understanding how to use an electric drill to helping fix design errors in your CAM. Their responsibilities include:

  1. Providing technical assistance to members
  2. Providing design advice to members
  3. Running educational workshops for members

CaTS run DaBL on a day to day basis, and there will always be at least one on shift during open hours. They are in charge of general safety. If you are using a piece of equipment in an unsafe manner, they may ask you to change your approach - or if it's severe enough, ask you to stop what you're doing entirely.

Learn more about our team of CaTS here! If you would like to become a Creative and Technical Specialist, send us a message.