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Autodesk's Eagle is a 2d CAD software designed to help create circuits, and use this in Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) with a milling tool.

Eagle is made up of multiple editors to help you through your circuit design process:

  1. Electronic Schematic: The logical representation of a Circuit Board. This is creating what the whole circuit will do, with resistors and batteries included
  2. Printed Board: Planning the board itself: This is how you physically design what you want your board to be; ie. where you want to solder, and how much space on the board you need.
  3. PCB Libraries: In Autodesk Eagle, all the designs that you create are stored in libraries. These designs and parts that you have created can be used together, and others can share libraries with you

Once you create your project in the eagle control panel, you can then create schematics, and then boards for your circuit.

Schematic Editor