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Inkscape (Software)

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Inkscape is an open source software for vector drawing. Both the [[Workshop: Introduction to 2D laser cutting with the Universal PLS4.75 Laser Cutter|Laser Cutter ]] and the [[Workshop: Introduction to 2D vector cutting with the GCC Jaguar VLX Vinyl Cutter |Vinyl Cutter]] use Inkscape to create designs. You can learn how to use the basic functions of Inkscape in our [[Workshop: Introduction to 2D CAD (with Inkscape)|workshop]].  There are also some secondary settings that are helpful when making your own projects. ==Tracing an Image==Inkscape has a useful tool for converting colored, shaded, or other images into vector images that Inkscape draws in. The tracer that Inkscape provides does not fully copy your image into your drawing; It does however, give you options to choose curves and the definition of a picture for you to use in your drawing.  In general, the darker your image, the harder it will be to trace.  (see example)  1: To begin tracing an image, first select it 2: Select the Path > Trace Bitmap item, or Shift+Alt+B. 3: I) Select live preview to view your image II)Choose your settings in the pop-up window III) Press OK 4: Your traced Image should on your document 5: Inkscape recommends simplifying your lines. Simplify your nodes with Path-->Simplify Below: screenshots showing the above process.<gallery mode="traditional">File:Bit1.png|Select your ImageFile:Bit2.png| Select bitmapFile:Bit3.png| Choose mode and thresholdsFile:Bit4.PNG| LinesFile:Bit5.PNG| Simplify your lines</gallery> <br />

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