Type A Series 1 Pro 3D printer

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"Tool Rack"

The Type A Series 1 Pro is a 3D printer which is an additive manufacturing machine.

Acceptable Materials

  • PLA

Explanation & How To


The first step in using this 3D printer is having a design made in a computer aided design (CAD) software. For this machine, the preferred CAD would be Fusion 360, which is free to download. Once a design has been made, it must be exported as an STL file.

This 3D printer is considered computer aided manufacturing (CAM), which takes the CAD file you generated and converts it to a set of instructions that the machine can understand (G-Code). This Type A Series 1 Pro 3D printer uses Cura Type A Software to do so, showing a 3D rendering of the printer's bed itself on the computer screen, from which you can orient your design in the most efficient position for printing. Then, the software takes the STL file and slices it into different layers that will be printed on the bed to make the design you created.