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Welcome to the Design and Build Lab's Knowledgebase!

The Design and Build Lab - also known as DaBL - is a digital fabrication / rapid prototyping / experimentation facility located in the new Don Myers Technology and Innovation Building. Its purpose is to empower and inspire students, staff, and faculty to embrace engineering: to create things to solve problems.

There is a team of students ready to help you realize your idea!

To become a member

All users must complete two steps before becoming members of DaBL:

  1. Attend an in-person Welcome to the Lab workshop
  2. Complete and submit a Safety Waiver

How do I learn how to design and build?

With the help of three resources:

  1. Student Specialists, who help you realize your ideas
  2. Workshops of two flavors:
    1. Tutorials, which give you an introduction to CAD principles
    2. Certifications, which are an introduction to CAM principles as well as safety training on a particular machine.
  3. This knowledgebase, which is a repository of all things Design and Build.

Member resources

There's lots of exciting stuff to learn. To get started, schedule yourself for a Workshop and start reading!

Educational sessions

Prototyping resources

Computer-Numeric-Controlled prototyping machines