Bantam Tools PCB Mill Maintenance

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Note: this page is provided as a reference for the CaTS only. If you are not a CaTS, do not attempt anything on this page.


The Bantam Tools Mill creates large volumes of particulates or swarf. Therefore, cleaning and maintenance is of a high priority.

Daily Cleaning

  1. Vacuum out any swarf from the bottom of machine
    1. Be sure to move the build plate to vacuum underneath
  2. Vacuum any swarf around the spindle and spindle head
  3. Wipe off the inside of the windows with a dry wipe
  4. Clean any swarf that made its way outside of the machine

Monthly Cleaning

  1. Turn off and unplug the machine
  2. Remove all 4 windows
  3. Remove top metal panel
  4. Vacuum any and all swarf, be sure to rotate the machine to reach every point
  5. Brush and vacuum any hard to reach parts with the small black brush in the tools drawer
  6. Use compressed air, to remove the last of the swarf, outside if possible
    1. Be extra thorough with the spindle head and motor
    2. Spray into the collet holder, located where the tool bit is inserted
  7. Wipe the interior with isopropyl alcohol
  8. Reassemble and plug-in

Mechanical functionality

Weekly Maintenance

If any part of the maintenance does not seem right or you have questions, contact Kristof.

  1. Check if the spindle is wobbly
  2. Use the software to check if the spindle head and build plate move freely
  3. Examine build plate for any large cuts or missing sections

Monthly Maintenance

  1. Move spindle head to the center of the machine and lower it a few cm
    1. Not required but will make your life easier later
  2. Turn off and unplug the machine
  3. Remove all 4 windows
  4. Remove top metal panel
  5. Pull the two black spindle bands off
    1. Located at the top of the spindle head
    2. Check for any cracks, gouges, or abnormalities and replace them if necessary
  6. Wiggle the spindle
    1. It should not have any horizontal movements
  7. Unscrew the black collet holder
    1. Located where the tool bit is inserted
    2. Examine for any abnormalities
  8. Check the three axes for any nicks or stuck swarf/tape
  9. Reassemble and plug-in