Ceiling Power Brackets

by Design and Build Lab Team

When we first started out in this space, we would rearrange the tables constantly for different projects and to test what works best.  We still move them quite a bit actually!  So having the power in the ground was not only obnoxious, but a constant safety hazard for tripping and creating destroyed electrical cables.  It took us over a year and a half to get power in the ceiling but this was the final step!  The pipes in the ceiling are round of course, so having a rectangular block that interfaced with them was not optimal.  Alex, one of our Creative and Technical Specialist, designed and 3D printed a prototype bracket (the white one in the picture below).  But it required many U-bolts in uncomfortable places to be secure.  We then designed a second version that replaced the default bracket (the black bracket in the pictures below) that worked much better!  And now we have secure, safe, and movable power from the ceiling! 

Ceiling Bracket Close Up
Black Bracket with Spool Featured Angle
Black Bracket with Spool and Socket
Black Bracket Horizontal Angle with Peg Hole
White Bracket First Version
Black Bracket 3d Printing
Black Bracket Standing Up
Black Bracket Horizontal Angle Triple Hole

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