Motorized Mosquito Aspirator

by Brendan Riske

The objective of this project was to create a machine that would suck adult mosquitoes and capture them.   This is known as a mosquito aspirator and there are versions available online to purchase, however they are usually upwards of of $300.   Because the device is essentially a fan with a net over it, it made much more sense to simply make it in the Design and Build Lab!  After taking a day for Brendan and some of the Creative and Technical Specialists to design what would become the aspirator, all the parts were collected and then assembled.  Brendan came in with essentially no electronics experience at all and left with a working device that would capture as many mosquitoes as he could handle.  The best part is all the help and electronic materials were provided for free!  The CaTS in the lab also helped with the living space for the mosquitoes by 3D printing a cover so mosquitoes don't escape. 

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