Fidget Spinners

by DaBL Team

The fidget spinner is a great little toy to introduce key concepts of 3D modelling and manufacturing.  In the Design and Build Lab, we use it as a beginner project for members wishing to learn how to use our 3D printers.  We like to walk through every step of the design process with an individual or group, from installing the free software to exporting a completed design.  However, we definitely leave room for creative license as you can see from the differing spinners below.  We also help with the member's first use of the 3D printer and start with our Type-A Series 1.  Check our calendar and see when a workshop for the printer is available, or just come in and ask to learn it!  The complete process will usually take up to 5 hours, although a member doesn't have to present for the entire print time.  The design and tutorial and the printer workshop can also be broken up into parts to make it more manageable. 

Fidget Spinner 3D Design in Fusion 360
Josh's Five-Arm Spinner
Fabiola's Red Petal Spinner
Alex's Black Fidget Spinner
Kristof's Three-Arm Fidget Spinner

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